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Update:  Thanks to Philip Mantle for feedback on photos below.  It seems that the object is a bird!  Thank you Philip for your kindly response.

I took some pictures in Cumbria when on holiday back in 2017 and in future viewing, I found this object on the photograph.  I offer them here for anyone interested.  Note that I have tried to sharpen them successively in  photoscape to give a clearer view.

Date:   14th March 2017 early afternoon after visiting and photographing Swinside Stone Circle with my mum.  An invisible presence placed a hand on my right shoulder whilst standing inside the stone circle.



This is a good site to report any ufo sightings to:



Scottish Highland UFO Group

If you would like to add your Highland sightings to Scottish Highland UFO Group website, please email shufog1@outlook.com - with date, time, place and sighting description - cheers



12th November 2020

around 6am -  large white orb around 300ft moving west to east along Lochalsh before disappearing 


 Sighting in early spring 2019

travelling towards Dingwall on the A890.  As the road went up a rise, two orange lights appeared ahead, one offset above the other moving towards us then veering away to our left.

On the return journey near to the earlier sighting, two similar lights moving quickly eastward in the glen to the south

Joyce W.



This radio presentation is worth listening to:  an encounter in Northern Scotland


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