03 June 2020MEET UPS

Here in Scotland there are still restrictions for travelling outside the local area during Phase 1 of lockdown easing.

A few of us aim to meet in the future at various locations around the Highlands - there is no fixed venue due to geographical distance - we are spread out across a large area.  

Look forward to getting together again in the future in the west, east or somewhere in the middle!

18 May 2020ORBS

Grant Cameron presents An Orb Panel Discussion - as this took place, I was filming orbs in the house - they are frequent visitors here and over at my mum's too.  I have a large collection of videos now of these intelligences and they fly at different speeds, take right angle turns and arrive from different directions.  Often when my dog is in the room,  it is the greatest show on earth!   Sometimes the blue ones come, but mainly the white ones and in varying sizes.  I have witnessed them with my own eyes in the past.

Enjoy! (this one is for you Shelley!)


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